Surface drug test kit COCA


Surface drug test kit COCA

Surface drug detection kit COCA detects Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, Phencyclidine and Methadone on most contact articles.

Features and Benefits.

  • Surface drug test kit COCA.
  • Two tests per kit.
  • Detects multiple drugs in one test.
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Immediate results.
  • Low cost per test.
  • Does NOT destroy the evidence during testing.
  • Safe to use; non-toxic (no acid neutralizer or other special measures required for disposal).
  • Can detect illicit drug residues in quantities as small as 1 micro gram per square millimeter.

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Surface drug test kit COCA

Surface drug test kit COCA is used for detecting illicit and prescription drugs on contact articles. Computer keyboards, credit cards, clothing, liquids can be tested very easily by simply wiping the article with the enclosed test paper, then add the special liquid to the paper for the result to appear.

This first level general screening test detects Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, Phencyclidine, and Methadone.

Surface drug test kit COCA Pen Tests are the newest generation of hand-held colorimetric drug detection and identification test kits. Drug detection and identification is based on wet chemistry and can detect and identify both trace and bulk amounts of illicit drugs. The advantage of this test is that you do not need to see a controlled substance in order to detect its presence. The colorimetric reagents between the liquid and test paper react to produce a unique color when they come into contact with a narcotic substance.

Suitable uses:

  • Schools and Colleges.
  • In the workplace.
  • Crime Scene Investigations.
  • Baggage Inspections.
  • Apartment buildings.
  • At home.

Each kit contains Two test papers suitable for two evaluations, liquid ampule, and instructions.

Product info

Product Drugs Screened
Surface drug test kit COCA

  • Cocaine.
  • Phencyclidine.
  • Methadone.
  • Crack Cocaine.

Surface drug test kit COCA

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