Specimen Container


Specimen container for collecting urine.

Designed for collecting a urine sample and temperature monitoring. Always use when testing with a dip drug test kit.

Features and Benefits.

  • Plastic construction
  • Capacity 10 to 180ml
  • Temperature test strip
  • Volume marker on side of cup
  • Shipped in packs of 25 cups.


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Specimen Container.

Drug testing without checking the urine temperature is only doing half the job.

specimen containerIn our experience if the temperature is not checked, how do you know that the donors specimen is actually their own. It could be fake or belong to someone else and brought in by the donor. Good practice is to always check the temperature by viewing the temp on the side of the specimen container. This should be done immediately after you receive the sample.

The specimen cup that you see above is deigned for human urine and has a thermometer on the side. When collecting a specimen from the donor, ask them to provide at least 60 ml, this can be seen by looking at the markers on the side of the cup. The lines or markers on the side of the cup shows how much urine has been provided, these help to determine if a sufficient sample has been provided; 10 to 180 ml.

Once the sample has been collected then you can easily read the temperature which should be between 93 to 98° F. Any more or any less, tells us that the urine sample may not be theirs.

Note: A donor that is trying to conceal the truth will do whatever they can to mask the outcome and can easily be tripped up if sample out of temperature range.

Specimen temperature testZone readings read from 90-100 °F and 32-38 °C. Green color highlights the correct temperature of the sample. Body temperature is 98.6°F. So if you get a green coloration on the strip at around 96° F, you can be sure that the sample is theirs.

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