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Dip drug test kits.
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Dip Drug test kits Dip card drug tests are available in a wide variety of different configurations detecting up to thirteen different drugs in each test. They have a built-in controls making the test process easy. Some have an integrated specimen test checking the donors urine for integrity. Most tests are FDA cleared and all conform to NIDA guidelines for cut-off levels.

Cup drug test kits.
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Cup drug test kitsUsing a cup drug test is a cleaner option to drug testing as it benefits from being a fully integrated one-step drug test. Incorporating a cup, temperature test, multi-drug test and often a specimen validity test makes for simple, fool proof testing . Available in a variety of different options makes them ideal for use in the workplace or testing at home.

Need help finding the right type of drug test? Go to our drug test search page where we will help you identify a suitable drug test kits. Once you see product(s) that meets your needs, you can research further each product. Each product has in depth detail telling you how it works and what drugs are tested and how to use it. The testing process is also very important, here is a link on how to successfully collect a urine sample.

Surface drug test kits

Surface Drug test kits Surface drug testing is an effective way to detect the presence of illicit and prescription drugs on most surfaces and contact items, making them suitable for testing clothing, skin, credit cards, computer keyboards and liquids even when there is no trace of a drug. The latest generation of drug detection and identification kits can detect up to twenty two different drugs.

Oral fluid drug test kits

Oral Drug test kitsAn Oral saliva drug test requires oral fluids from the mouth to be sampled to detect the presence of drugs. They are well suited for a wide variety of situations. They are non invasive and not gender specific. No special equipment for testing is required. The results are 99% accurate and are extremely reliable. Window of detection is from 1 to 48 hours.

Our catalog from drug test kits direct is not available in your local store, compare our prices though as they are at least 80% cheaper giving you exceptional value. They can be used to easily manage your own drug testing program. These professional lab grade kits are very accurate and reliable and are used by labs throughout USA for testing individuals, teenagers, employees. They are also used in the workplace and by medical and drug treatment centers. With a little guidance from us you too will testing like a professional. Each order is shipped same day in discreet packaging and with FREE shipping options.

Drug test kits Direct

Drug test kits DirectDrug testing at your business is a simple process providing you follow the guidelines. We have formulated information from our own experiences which will help you test like a professional. Choose from a variety of different urine and oral saliva tests to give you peace of mind and accurate test results.

Drug test kits Search

Drug test kits SearchSearch for drug tests and find the type that is most suitable to you. We want you to choose the right test a simple process. Our guide will help you learn the differences between different methods and different types of drug tests for either employers or individuals.

Specimen tests
Specimen Validity Test

Reading and interpreting the results of a drug test is only one part of drug testing. A specimen test will tell you if the sample has been substituted, adulterated or diluted. It is an invaluable tool when drug testing and will catch the cheaters!

Alcohol drug test kits

Alcohol Drug test kits Breathalyzer and Oral alcohol test kits are capable in detecting alcohol from breath or oral saliva. They are FDA (510K) cleared, ensuring the test meets or exceeds the requirements of FDA for alcohol testing.